Afghan Taliban suspend university education for girls

Afghanistan’s Taliban-run higher education ministry stated on Tuesday that lady college students would not be allowed get right of entry to to the u . S . A .’s universities until in addition word.

A letter, confirmed via a spokesperson for the higher education ministry, told Afghan public and personal universities to suspend get entry to to woman college students right away, in accordance with a Cabinet choice.

The today’s Taliban restrict on woman training is probably to elevate issues within the worldwide community, which has not formally recognised the de facto management.Foreign governments, inclusive of america, have said that a change in guidelines on girls’s education is wanted before it can don’t forget formally recognising the Taliban-run management, which is also problem to heavy sanctions.

In March, the Taliban drew criticism from many foreign governments and a few Afghans for making a U-Turn on signals all women’ high schools might be opened.

Confirmation of the college regulations came the equal nighttime as a UN Security Council session on Afghanistan, at which the UN secretary-trendy’s unique representative for Afghanistan, Roza Otunbayeva, stated the closure of faculties had “undermined” the Taliban administration’s dating with the global network.”As lengthy as women remain excluded from college and the de facto government continue to brush aside other stated concerns of the global community, we continue to be at some thing of an deadlock,” she said.

The decision got here as many university students are sitting stop of time period assessments. One mother of a university scholar, who asked no longer to be named for safety motives, stated her daughter known as her in tears when she heard of the letter, fearing she could now not hold her clinical research in Kabul.

“The pain that no longer most effective I .. And (other) moms have in our heart, could not be defined. We are all feeling this pain, they may be involved for the future in their children,” she said.

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