Ali Zafar feels AI and data analysis can help make award shows more transparent and accurate

Ever for the reason that Lux Style Awards announced nominations for its upcoming celebration, it’s been drawing complaint from woman artists from around the us of a. The track category upset girls singers and musicians, for the reason that listing comprised only men from the fraternity despite there being vast work from lady artists this yr.

After numerous girl musicians joined Meesha Shafi and called out the well-known award, the LSAs prolonged the date of submission. Now, singer Ali Zafar has shared his cents on the problem. “My very humble and constructive recommendation to LSA and different award capabilities,” he tweeted. “To keep away from controversies in awards and nominations. Use present day approach of information and Artificial Intelligence evaluation to decide which piece of art in one-of-a-kind departments appealed to the classy of those that it became made for.”He went on to feature, “The concept of a jury selecting behalf of a humans may not be taken into consideration that genuine or relevant in the cutting-edge world with the provision of easy/ accurate information analysis. Humans are restricted by way of bias, artists by personal flavor, critics through subjectivity, celebs by way of ego etc.”Zafar then shared that he feels so due to the fact “these award shows are vital to hold art and lifestyle colourful in our society and types have played a completely vital function in assisting this.” Zafar penned, “The dynamics of “who and a way to honour” need to now not make the entire process controversial. The exceptional is to separate.”Vouching for brand new expertise, he said, “Also supply new, young and enterprising creative directors and artists and so forth to manufacturer, direct, create. Involve them. Youngsters will constantly have new sparkling thoughts. And they may be looking for a hazard to show themselves.”The legitimate account of LSAs launched a assertion this week on Instagram which read, “The Lux Style Awards have a wealthy legacy as Pakistan’s greatest and inclusive award show. Since its inception, LSA has honoured the various talent across entertainment industries, striving for persevered excellence in the pleasant of the platform and the revel in of our fanatics.”

It similarly boasted about how the award display objectives to adapt its procedures and toughen its transparency this yr. Hence, they made the decision to announce all submissions as received on their website for purchasers to vote. The submissions have been geared toward artists to publish their pleasant work however, the announcement claimed, no longer even a unmarried woman artist submitted their paintings within the given time frame, that is why they have been now not nominated.

The declaration then persevered to renowned that there was a “gap” within the nomination listing this year, but, through no fault of their personal. “As an inclusive platform, we realize this hole and remorse that the track categories did no longer replicate the high-quality efforts of our lady artists. We have witnessed the undeniable contribution of our girl artists to the song enterprise in the beyond yr and experience that with out their inclusion, the music classes can not honestly encompass Pakistan’s quality international within the subject,” it read.

Expressing gratitude for the girl artists of the industry that highlighted the gap and addressed it, the LSA stated that they have got selected to make an “exception” to extend the cut-off date for “submissions for female, male or transgender artists across categories.” They wrote, “As a brand committed to empowering girl artists throughout genres, we inspire our first-rate girl musicians who’ve entertained us through the 12 months to publish their entries for consideration.”

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