Oklahoma to execute man for 2002 killing of infant daughter

A fifty seven-year-old Oklahoma guy is scheduled to acquire a deadly injection on Thursday for killing his 9-month-antique daughter in 2002, regardless of claims with the aid of his legal professionals that he’s mentally unwell and not able to be finished.

Attorneys for Benjamin Cole do now not dispute that he killed Brianna Cole by way of forcibly bending the toddler backward, breaking her backbone and tearing her aorta, however argue that he’s each seriously mentally unwell and that he has a growing lesion on his brain that has persisted to worsen whilst he has been in prison.

Cole has refused scientific interest and omitted his private hygiene, hoarding meals and living in a darkened cell with little to no communication with group of workers or fellow prisoners, his lawyers advised the state’s Pardon and Parole Board ultimate month at some stage in a clemency hearing.

“His condition has endured to decline over the route of this 12 months,” Cole’s attorney Katrina Conrad-Legler said.The panel voted four-1 to disclaim clemency, and a district judge earlier this month determined Cole become in a position to be finished. A closing-minute appeal filed with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to halt his execution became denied on Wednesday.

Cole has a lesion on his mind, that’s cut loose his prognosis of paranoid schizophrenia, that has grown in length in current years and influences the part of his brain that deals with problem solving, movement and social interaction, Conrad-Legler has stated.Attorneys for the country and members of the sufferer’s circle of relatives advised the board that Cole’s signs of mental illness are exaggerated and that the brutal nature of his daughter’s killing merit his execution.

Assistant Attorney General Tessa Henry said Cole killed his daughter due to the fact he became infuriated that her crying from her crib interrupted his gambling of a online game.

“He is not critically mentally sick,” said any other prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Ashley Willis. “There is nothing within the constitution or jurisprudence that stops his execution.”

Prosecutors cited that the infant had severa accidents consistent with a records of abuse and that Cole had previously served time in jail in California for abusing every other toddler.

Board individuals additionally heard emotional testimony from circle of relatives individuals of the slain infant’s mom, who advised the board to reject clemency.“The first time I were given to peer Brianna in man or woman turned into mendacity in a casket,” said Donna Daniel, the sufferer’s aunt. “Do you know the way terrible it is to see a nine-month-antique toddler in a casket?

“This infant merits justice. Our circle of relatives merits justice.”

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor said in a announcement that he’s assured Cole is satisfactorily ready to be executed.

“Although his legal professionals claim Cole is mentally ill to the point of catatonia, the truth is that Cole completely cooperated with a mental assessment in July of this 12 months,” O’Connor said. “The evaluator, who become now not hired through Cole or the State, found Cole to be competent to be accomplished and that ‘Mr. Cole does not presently evidence any vast, overt signs and symptoms of intellectual contamination, highbrow impairment, and/or neurocognitive impairment.’”

Cole’s execution would be the sixth considering the fact that Oklahoma resumed carrying out the dying penalty in October 2021.

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